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Weird rants of a new Devops + Backend engineer 😀 [17 June 21]

Uddeshya Singh
SDE Backend + Infra @Trell | GSoC'19 Developer FOSSASIA and GCI'19 Mentor for FOSSASIA and Tensorflow | ANIME LOVE AND GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED <3
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Welcome to the weird notes of a new DevOps and Backend engineer. This is my (quite open) notebook on what was all the stuff I read and learnt. Not necessarily tech, you can just read on and understand what I am rambling on about.

[17 June 2021]

Stuff I learnt πŸ“

  • Opentelemetry's sentry exporter is pretty cool, even thought it's specifically for traces right now, it does its job well.
  • The sidecar architecture for opentelemetry-collector will work the best for a scenario. The engineers thought out the agent, collector interface pretty good.
  • The Traces specification and the TraceID stuff is good too, I just hope there was more sync between the published package and the github repository.

Stuff I need to check out tomorrow? πŸ“…

  • Need to show the instrumentation demo to the lead.
  • Probably will need to checkout Elastic APM exporters for these traces.
  • See if sentry can support any logging :)

Stuff I want to work some day in future. πŸ”­

  • Checking how opentelemetry trace back the traces by the ID.
  • WTF is going on with those spans? Why do they provide us with new contexts?

Thanks for listening to the rant.

Uddeshya Singh,
Signing off.

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