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Discussion on: When are microservices appropriate?

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Tyler Smith

I've always worked as an individual developer or worked with a small team, and I think in those contexts monoliths make more sense. I tend to follow DHH's Citadel philosophy: keep your core app a monolith, and if there's anything that feels hard to do inside of it then you can break that into its own tiny service.

I think microservices make the most sense for companies that want small, independent teams that have complete ownership over their little piece of a bigger app. That's more of an organizational decision than an architectural decision though.

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Ted Ngeene Author

interesting take!
Every application should start as a majestic monolith.

Yeah you are right. Also in startup environments, it's usually easier to work with monoliths due to the huge amount of time involved in making microservices work together. The environment there is fast-paced and time must be maximized to ship features.