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Discussion on: Do content management systems actually serve their users?

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Tyler Smith Author

Thank you so much for the kind words, Christine! And thank you for reading: this is one of the longest posts I've ever written 😅

It's been interesting to watch WordPress's transition since I started developing with it in 2017. The shift towards blocks seems primarily geared towards's needs, sometimes at the expense of the open source project. The Gutenberg block editor is excellent for writing blogs, but it's not ideal for building a crafted experience for a client.

The kitchen sink approach is a bad fit for organizations that want custom sites that they can maintain without fear of breaking. Both the block editor and page builder plugins invite a lot of opportunities for clients to break things. It's not ideal.

For non-technical clients who don't want to manage their own sites, plain HTML is hard to beat. It's portable and there are a lot fewer places for it to break. I do hope that more specialized open-source content management systems emerge in the future so there could be a nice middle ground between WordPress's kitchen sink and hand-crafted HTML.

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Christine Golden

I hope for the same!