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Django Cloud Task Queue

I’m developing and maintaining a Python package to easily integrate your Django Application with Google Cloud Task.

Some features:

  • Easily push tasks to Cloud Task using a decorator
  • Automatically route all tasks from a single endpoint
  • Ease scheduling with native python datetime
  • Named task to avoid duplicated
  • Local development support with Redis Queue

Simple and beautiful task definition

from datetime import timedelta
from django.utils.timezone import now
from cloudtask import (

def add(request: CloudTaskRequest, a: int = 5, b: int = 4) -> None:
    print(f'Running task with args {a=} and {b=}')
    print(a + b)

# pushing task to queue
add(a=2, b=4).delay()

# executing the task immediately without push to queue

# scheduling the task
at = now() + timedelta(days=1)
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See the repository and full documentation on my Github page.

Thanks to the project bazaar.

If it was helpful or if you found it interesting, also leave an 🙋🏽‍♂️❤️ in the comments. Thank you, looking forward to the next article. Enjoy and follow my work.

Stay safe!

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