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Join us live on Twitch this Thursday!

Dominik Kundel
I'm passionate for JavaScript, the web, hackathons, teaching and good whiskey. You will usually find me speaking at meetups and conferences, mentoring at hackathons and CoderDojos or work on open s...
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The Twilio Hackathon is over but the Twilio Office Hours on Twitch are not!

The only thing that changes is the name. Instead of joining us for Twilio Office Hours, we welcome you to join us for Remote Participants every Thursday 4pm PST on Twitch.

New Title Same Show

The title change but the hosts will remain! Phil Nash and I are excited to hang out with you between for two hours answering your questions about Twilio, coding in general and jumping into the code editor to build fun things!

What's on this week?

For this week we will look into the winners of the hackathon and also cover some of the fun hacks that were submitted but didn't make it into the top 14 submissions.

We'll also dive into using Cloudflare workers to host single page applications on Twilio Functions.

Other than that we welcome you to join us and help us decide what we talk about 😊 or maybe drop by and show us your awesome projects!

When is this happening?

The next stream is on:

  • Thursday May 7, 2020 at 4pm PST
  • Thursday May 7, 2020 at 7pm EST
  • Friday May 8, 2020 at 9am AEST

Those are all the same times but Phil is in Australia and therefore a day ahead 😊

We can't wait for you to join us at

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Peyton McGinnis


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Dominik Kundel Author

I'm glad you are as excited as we are!

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Peyton McGinnis

Yes sir!! Sadly I'll have to watch the replay since it's while I'm working, but y'all are awesome. 😄

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