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How to enable TLS on Postgres managed by Helm.

Hello, here is a simple way to enable TLS in your Postgres DB managed by Helm.

See the Screenshot Bellow

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# As a starting point use this awesome cli-tool to create a selfsign certificate (testing only).
Ref: step certificate create (

step certificate create self-signed-leaf.local leaf.crt leaf.key --profile self-signed --subtle

# Remove the password from the leaf.key
openssl -ec -in leaf.key -out leaf-decr.key

# Create Kubernetes Secrets
 kubectl create secret generic test-tls-secret --from-file=./leaf.crt --from-file=./leaf-decr.key

# Specify the necessary values to enable TLS and finally run
helm upgrade --install test-postgres bitnami/postgresql --values ./values.yaml
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