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I'm going to start working through the freecodecamp.org program again. I logged in for the first time today and notice that I've completed 236 of 1409 challenges. I felt like 236 was a lot, but when I consider that is less than 20% of the course, not quite as complete as I thought. Only 2 projects of the 30, and 0 certifications.... if I look at the actual course work, I have previously completed, HTML, most of Basic CSS, a couple Responsive Web Design Projects, Basic Javascript, a few of the Basic Algorithm (this is where I struggle the most), most of Bootstrap, jQuery. How much of this do I remember? Not a ton. The HTML stuff is pretty easy, the basics of JS are there, but ask me to complete a simple project. Not sure I could do it.

A while back I found @aspittel 's content. Following her has given me inspiration to pick this back up.

I want to start 100 days of code, my official start date will be 7/1/19. If anyone is interested in joining me along the way, let me know. I may keep posting here, might move to a personal blog, dunno yet.

The question of the moment, can I reset my progress over at FCC?

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Just noticed, the last time I was active on FCC was over a year ago.


I did it... I completely reset my freecodecamp progress.