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[Discussion] What's the new big thing in web dev in the past 2 years?

So I cleared my job interview back in mid-2021 and started in a product management role post that. Unluckily, our team here is not heavily involved in the technical side of things, so I sort of stopped programming altogether.

Recently, however, I'm trying to get back into making projects for myself and maybe for the public in future, and I realized how fun it actually was.

Therefore, I'm eager to know what all have I missed.

💻 In your opinion, what stands out as the most impactful update/ product/ advancement/ trend in web development in the past 2 years?

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Jacob W Runge

So, I see you've included a #react tag... React isn't going anywhere, and it's probably more relevant now than ever. But if this is all for personal growth, I'd really suggest branching out and trying some other frameworks. Svelte and/or SvelteKit have gotten pretty popular here lately, and I've also heard some good things about Solid.js.

If you'd like to go framework-less: htmx has had a lot of attention here in the last six months or so, and if you're good with the backend side of things or want to learn, it allows for a return to the days when templating was done on the backend, but without sacrificing that SPA UX. htmx might pair nicely with a backend in something like Astro.

In the last couple of years, WebAssembly has also really come a long way. You can't do any DOM manipulation without JavaScript, sadly, but there are frameworks out there like Yew that simulate it, if you want to get into programming Rust.

I don't know. I think a lot of it depends on what you want to make, and then you can pick your tools from that starting point. :-)