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Ted Bailey
Ted Bailey

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First DEV post

Hello, everyone.

My name is TurboSpeedzter or Ted Bailey. I am a software developer who does Webdev, MobileAppDev, and Gamedev. Video game development is my number one obsession, with Phaser3 engine my favorite.

I love video games, like Metal Gear Solid, TitanFall2, MassEffect, Metroid, and most others. I am also a comic book fan with a large collection. I seek out Game Arcades around the world.

Additionally, as a former radio broadcaster, I do podcasts and write articles and science fiction novels.

It's great to be among like-minded people of great visions and aspirations.


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Calin Baenen

Welcome to DEV!
I hope you'll find yourself well acquainted with the platform, and the people using it. This is no Twitter or StackOverflow!

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Ted Bailey Author

The concept is welcoming to me. I like the idea of being around programmers and technologists.

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Goran Kortjie

Welcome to the DEV world!
We've been waiting for your arrival.

turbospeedzter profile image
Ted Bailey Author

Flutter/Dart is a great tool. I love how it allows relatively quick and appealing apps to come together.

I didn't like the platform at first, but now I have come to use it first among others.

What image format should you use in your next project? 🤔