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Reviewing Github pull requests - OSD600


Hello everyone, my name is Dustin. Today, I'd like to talk about my experience of reviewing other people's code.


In my recent pull request, it was actually one pull request broken into 2 small parts for 2 people, me and one of my friend. The issues needed to be solved are quite relevant to each other, so we would know what problem each other's having and facing right now.

My friend's pull request
My pull request

The experience was fantastic as I got to talk with a lot of great developers and learn more from them. Reviewing is also a way to improve each other's code as nobody's code is perfect and it needs to be tested and run multiple times by multiple people.

As I said, these 2 pull requests are relevant to each other and it should have the same coding style as if one made it.

Image description

This is the problem I've mentioned in my previous blog when window.onload should be changed as it would override the other one. Thanks to reviewing other people's code, I also benefit from it.

Image description

Wrap up

Thank you for reading my blog, reviewing code is another good way of learning new things and help each other produce better code.

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