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Adding new feature for a static site generator written in Javascript

Hi everyone, I'm Dustin, and today I want to talk about the experience of adding new feature for a static site generator written by Vivian.

What is a static site generator (SSG)

A SSG is a command line tool that helps users to convert .txt files or .md files into .html files.

Why I chose this project to contribute

This project is quite fun and offers me a bunch of new knowledge.


First off, I created an issue mentioning about what I wanted to improve in on her code. I listed all the necessary tasks to be done and sent the issue. After she accepted and assigned me to the issue, I started to write code right away and created a pull request for the code I wrote. It's actually not a big deal for me at all because her code was pretty clean and understandable. Although she requested a few changes in my code, everything went well and my pull request got merged right after that.

Her creating issue and pull request for my project

Same thing happens in my code I guess because we had no trouble understanding each other's code. The process was quite straight forward, she filed an issue -> I accepted it -> she coded it -> I requested some changes as she added some extra lines that were not necessary. However, there was one thing I had to do which is pulling her code into my machine so that I could test it out. While testing her code, I just realized that I had a quite big bug in my code that I didn't know about. However, her issue was just for the new feature about config file, so I decided to create another issue about the bug I mentioned above and resolved it after her code got merged.

My issue link
My pull request
Her repo

Her issue link
Her pull request
My repo

Thank you for reading!

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