Simplicity to the Rescue (My New Personal Site)

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Bored with the complexity in our life... No, let me start over:

...our super high technologically smart fast pacing enormously artificially intelligent algorithmic innovative life...

Long story short: I decided to make my new personal site simple.

What do you think? Simple, no?

P.S: For the creation I used the cutting edge newest versions of these enormously almost artificially intelligent tools:

  • vim (the latest cutting edge version)
  • an unknown to me until now command line tool, called 'boxes' (unknown version)

Here you can see a screenshot of my high-tech development IDE.

I would love to hear from you what do you think about my site, also about the simplicity or complexity in our life, the universe and everything.

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love it! but what if you you could use the curl command and get that as an output?


That would be nice! You could use content negotiation to serve up plain text if Accept-Content is set to text/plain and html for text/html.

Would depend on the site not being static though, which rather defeats the point of the simplicity...


Hi David,

Unfortunately the site is static, but there is a workaround, this command works flawlessly:

$ curl 2>/dev/null | tail -124 | head -116

Thank you, this is real fun :)



This is an Ubuntu machine for my personal projects. I really like to work at the command line, sometimes I do not start the GUI at all. Part of the reasons - I do not have any distractions while working. The other part - you can work on whatever hardware you want (old, slow PC is enough).

  • Deployed to an S3 bucket which hosts the static site using a Makefile.
  • Built using a custom generator what I wrote in Go (but could easily be pandoc I guess)
  • Written with vanilla vim. Or Emacs. Or acme. Depends on my mood.
  • Running on ... well, it depends. If I'm at work it's the MacBook. If I'm at home it's a much older MacBook running either Fedora or Slackware.

i have to use intellij sooooo no command line for me :(

Poor FultonB :( You can use it at home sometimes...

I have a raspi at home that only does command line I will have to turn that on and learn

Yes, raspberry should be perfect for this vim setup. I have one forgotten in my locker at the office - I will try to set it up and see if OK for production use...


LoL, haha, I just tried it with curl, it comes out pretty decent :)
But it is best viewed with 'lynx' browser :)

Thank you, FultonB, really nice idea :)


thanks for the suggestion I have never seen that browser (I don't really use the command line as a frontend android developer) but i will try it.

lynx does not understand java script.
I think it is coming from the age of the dinosaurs :)
No frontend developer should know anything about lynx, do not worry...


Love your site! Definitely a super original style that stands out from the rest ... main part of your site is just a

piece of text here
block with fixed font text, styled as a piece of paper made with an old fashioned typewriter (even including an ascii art dog ear upper left) - simply genius !

Thank you leob!

I did not know about the dog ear :)

Cheers and have fun!


Yeah the dogear in the left upper corner of the "page" ... nice detail!

Really cool!
I learned one Engilsh verb today!

Yes or a noun ... well I'm also still learning words all the time, English isn't my native tongue so you keep learning stuff every day (and not forgetting, hopefully) :-)


I'm going to be picky, so please excuse me. I think your website looks great! But...

... is this 'simple'? Wouldn't it be simpler if it wasn't in a pre tag? What's simple about a fixed width font? What's simple about ASCII art?

If you'll excuse the swearing, I think the simplest you can (or should) go for would be

but if you wanted it to look nice(r) try


Absolutely correct, David!
It is not simple at all, because I have pre-designed what the browser would have done automatically during the download. Suprisingly it is not easy - took me 1hr to play with the 'ascii art' :)

Thank you for sharing the 'excuse my french' links :)

At the end of the day - this is mostly for fun ;)


Looks great, Todor!

I would invert the top 2 boxes, so your name is in the top-left. At least my eyes are drawn to the "Location" over and over and not to your name.

The background might be a little too dark. It will be easier to read if you pick a whiter grey. (Especially on dim laptop screens.) But that's just my personal preference. :)



Hi Rainer,

Done and done!

I moved the "picture" to the left - your remark is correct, of course, people look for the most important information upper left first.

I made the background for a little bit lighter also.

You know what is funny?
We are two backend guys discussing frontend web design LoL :)

At least I am not much into the web design, do not know about you though, sorry if I jump into conclusions...

Thank you very much for the constructive remarks!


Hehe, no worries. Yeah, I work 99% on the backend. Any design I do is "programmer art".

My first personal website also used the text-only style as inspiration:


I love this so much! I may have to take some notes and make my own version 🀩


Thank you Chloe,

Be aware that this is my best photo.
I even phoshoped it to look nicer :)

Cheers and have fun!

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