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Simplify Your Development Environment Setup with 'setup-crosup' GitHub Action


Setting up your development environment can often be a time-consuming process, especially when working with ChromeOS, MacOS or various Linux distributions. However, with the new setup-crosup GitHub Action, you can effortlessly streamline the installation and setup of Crosup CLI in your workflows. In this article, we will explore how to leverage this powerful GitHub Action to supercharge your development process.

Table of Contents

What is 'setup-crosup' GitHub Action?
Getting Started
2.1 Prerequisites
2.2 Setting up 'setup-crosup' in your Workflow
Customizing the Action
3.1 Specifying the Crosup Version
3.2 Adding Packages for Installation
Verifying the Installation
4.1 Checking Crosup Version
4.2 Verifying Installed Packages

What is 'setup-crosup' GitHub Action?

The setup-crosup GitHub Action is a powerful tool that simplifies the process of downloading, installing, and setting up Crosup CLI in your GitHub Actions workflows. It eliminates the hassle of manual installation steps and ensures a consistent and reliable development environment across different platforms.

Getting Started

2.1 Prerequisites:

Before diving into using 'setup-crosup', ensure you have the following prerequisites:

  • A GitHub repository where you want to integrate Crosup CLI.
  • Basic knowledge of GitHub Actions and workflows.

2.2 Setting up 'setup-crosup' in your Workflow:

To integrate 'setup-crosup' into your GitHub Actions workflow, follow these steps:

Open your repository and navigate to the .github/workflows directory.
Create a new YAML file (e.g., crosup-setup.yml).
Copy and paste the following code into the YAML file:

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name: Setup Crosup
      - master
      - master

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    continue-on-error: true
      - name: Install Nix
        uses: DeterminateSystems/nix-installer-action@v4
      - name: Setup Crosup
        uses: tsirysndr/setup-crosup@v1
          version: 'v0.4.8'
          # Add packages to install here
          packages: |
      - name: Verify Crosup
        run: crosup --version
      - name: Verify Deno
        run: deno --version
      - name: Verify Zig
        run: zig version
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Customizing the Action

3.1 Specifying the Crosup Version:

You can specify the desired version of Crosup CLI by modifying the version parameter in the 'Setup Crosup' step of the workflow YAML. Replace 'v0.4.8' with your preferred version.

3.2 Adding Packages for Installation:

If you need to install additional packages along with Crosup CLI, simply add them to the packages parameter, separated by newlines. For example, to install Deno and Zig, modify the packages parameter as shown in the example YAML above.

Verifying the Installation

After setting up 'setup-crosup' in your GitHub Actions workflow, it's essential to verify the successful installation and configuration of Crosup CLI and any additional packages you specified. Let's explore how you can perform these verifications:

4.1 Checking Crosup Version

To ensure that Crosup CLI has been installed correctly, you can add a verification step in your workflow. In the example YAML, we've included a step named "Verify Crosup" that runs the command ``crosup --version. This command will display the version of Crosup installed, confirming its successful setup.

4.2 Verifying Installed Packages

If you specified additional packages to be installed alongside Crosup, it's crucial to verify their installation as well. In the example YAML, we've included verification steps for Deno and Zig. The commands deno --version and zig version respectively check the versions of Deno and Zig installed.

By performing these verification steps, you can ensure that all the necessary components of your development environment, including Crosup CLI and any additional packages, are successfully set up and ready to use.


With the setup-crosup GitHub Action, the process of setting up your development environment becomes a breeze. Say goodbye to manual installation steps and hello to streamlined workflows. In this article, we explored the features and benefits of setup-crosup, learned how to integrate it into your GitHub Actions workflow, and customized it to suit your requirements.

Now, you can simplify your development environment setup on Chromebook/ChromeOS, MacOS or any Linux distribution, saving time and effort in the process. Get started with setup-crosup today and enjoy a hassle-free development experience!

Remember, automation is the key to unlocking your productivity potential as a developer. Embrace the power of setup-crosup and elevate your development workflow to new heights. Happy coding!

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