Feedback / advices on my portfolio/blog

tsflorus profile image Thomas Singerlé-Florus ・1 min read

Hi everyone !
Today, I have a special question to ask you.
About a month ago I have developed my personal blog / portfolio in three days. ( https://tsflorus.me ) The problem is that I am a perfectionist and I always want to do more.

Can you, please, give me your feedback about this website or even advices. Let me know if something is missing or if you see better design possibilities.

Thank you dear friends !


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You chose a pretty "deviant" font, since it has a low x-height, which is very uncommon for web-fonts. But I think the choice of fonts on web-sites is very boring nowadays, so this is not critique. A tad bigger would be nice, maybe. And then you could increase the width of the blog.

The tags under your projects which describe the technology used, look like links and behave as such when hovered, just that the cursor won't change, and they are actually no links. This is irritating to me.

Otherwise, I like it :)


Thank you very much for this feedback!
I have just switched from strapi to forestry as CMS, allowing me to have markdown files for my articles. It really helps because it has a lot more customization options.
I will add tags pages this week and implement the typography library for my texts.

Thanks again, it was really helpful


I looked at it on mobile. The aesthetic is overall quite nice. I did wish, however, that the project thumbnails were clickable, I think that would improve it tremendously.


Thanks! I totally agree. Those are now clickable.

Thanks again.