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CS50x 2021 - WEEK 7 (SQL)

Finally completed CS50x Week 7 which deals with SQL....moving to Week 8 - HTML, CSS, JavaScript [Web Design]

Week 7 focuses on the principle of SQL and Relational Databases, basically the basics of SQL (syntax and keywords) and how it differs with CSV files, also it's use case and advantages....Nice Lecture overall

This week was the most impressive for me so far because the main problem set really makes you understand how to use SQL..In the problem set - A thief has stolen an item and left the city, you're tasked to basically become the detective and find out the identity of the thief, accomplice and what city he fled to using a bunch of tables in a database.

It's pretty confusing at first but if you have worked with SQL for a decent amount of time you'll probably find it easy but I've only used SQL few times when working with Qt GUI Framework. But this problem set really improved my knowledge on it a bunch because you'll have to interact with the data of different tables at the same time and also think effectively how you would use them...Very impressive problem if you're a beginner.

Gonna take a break before I move to HTML, CSS and JavaScript in WEEK 8. So far this course has been super impressive for a free course and I really advice beginners like myself to take it.

Harvard's Intro to Computer Science (CS50x) is free to enroll in

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