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CS50x 2021 - WEEK 6 (PYTHON)

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Finally done with Week 6 of Harvard's CS50x course which was about PYTHON.

It was basically a quick intro into python syntax and conversions of some programs we wrote in former weeks(in C) into python to teach how python works.

It was very straightforward and simple to follow probably because the language is a lot easier to work with than C especially not needing to handle memory allocation and not defining what data type your variable is explicitly.

The problem set for Week 6 was to convert some of the previous problem sets we had done in C to Python...and another problem set called 'DNA' where we had to implement a program that identifies a person based on their DNA, It was pretty straightforward mostly except where you had to make a function that returns the longest consecutive repeats on a particular string in another larger string. I struggled writing that manually until i looked into ReGex in python which made it very easy with just a few lines of code.

It's nice to know about a new language, I will try to use it whenever I can like when doing LeetCode/HackerRank problems, I used C++ previously.


Moving to Week 7 (SQL).

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CS50x is a free course offered by Harvard. It focuses on the Programming part of Computer Science