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2021 CS50x - WEEK 9 UPDATE

I just finished CS50X - Week 9 which is on Flask MicroFramework and I'm impressed with myself for reaching this far in the course, and hopefully I reach the end.


CS50X - WEEK 9 teaches about Web Application using Flask, it teaches how data is passed and manipulated between client and server side in webpages. The lecture was very intuitive on the topic as usual.
In the weeks' problem set, you were tasked with basically coding the backend and frontend of a website which allows users to trade stocks, the technologies used are SQL for storing user information, Python(Flask) for the backend, HTML|CSS for the webpages along with the use of Jinja Templating and also the API for getting information on stocks. You're provided with boilerplate code for just basic things and some helper functions to give you a foundation to build on with the end product looking similar to CS50x Staffs' Solution


I recommend beginners like myself to take this course because it teaches a lot on different coding paths and its also free. You can register here

I'm moving to week 10 now which is on Coding Ethics, I'm basically at the climax of the course and will start considering what I want to do for the Final Project.

Harvard's CS50X(Intro to Computer Science) is a free course that teaches the art of programming

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