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Chingu Weekly update vol. 105

News, Shout-outs & Showcases

🚀 Voyage-16 teams have been launched!

🚀 Voyage-15 is approaching the final stretch! 

🔥THROWBACK Here is a bot that automatically converts timezone differences for remote dev teams in Slack! It was built by dsegovia, jdrichardstech. 

🔥Check out ty's Node app: "It lets you RSVP for a fictional wedding with your name and email address and then sends it to a Postgres database. You can also view a list of attendees with the /list endpoint."

🔥Here is @ mokokom's favorite fonts app

🔥And here is Tototomi258's favorite fonts app as well! 

Overheard in Chingu

Random lines taken out of context from the Chingu community.

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you are a packman now??!?!?!?!
also going to prepare for 1st team 1st Voyage meeting
2 days refactoring our styling solutions and 2000 errors later .. It finally works. It reduces our generated CSS styles from 9044 lines to 6822 lines uncompressed. It's about 37kb less than before when compressed
REST is better than SOAP
Guess who has tickets to see the Stones?
Is anyone using a Yubikey or Google Titan security key fob? I'm curious to hear what your experience has been
I started coding about 7 years ago with Java and mostly it's frameworks. I dipped my toe into spring for a while but my role changed completely and got pushed into multiple things. I dabbled around with Python for a while as I was interest in Computer Vision, but then due to job requirements I had to leave that path
This is the first step to learn how to code
just fyi, the 'what does your name mean' is something I added for personal touch lol. it's not part of the actual template

Resources of the week

From @varun

"One of my contact who has been working in tech industry for almost 7 years and a great teacher, has started a podcast. In the first episode he is talking about Imposter syndrome, a most important for every dev.

Meme to go

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