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What I've been working on—why I haven't been as active, and what I plan on doing

I haven't been posting monthly

This is true, but I've still been active. In fact, you'll find some comments of mine from a couple days ago. But I haven't posted any progress of mine for a while now. The reason why is I've just been bombarded with school, friends and karate, all the while I am working on the game. So, I have less hours to code due to the school constantly pumping work at around the end of the year, and I just haven't seen as big of a priority recently. I'll still use, but since I'm focused on making the game, I can't upload devlogs all the time (except on my YouTube).

Will you return to a monthly post schedule?

I believe that since it's my first game intended for a public audience, I will always try to make it my best. I will not have a release date planned, but when I finish, I will give it a couple weeks of hyping up. So having a monthly post schedule, along with school, friends, etc: It won't work well.

Once you're on summer break, will the process increase?

Definitely. I really look forward to summer, since I feel like that's when my work is most productive.

What kind of progress is happening right now?

I am currently revamping my first boss, the YOUAREANIDIOT boss (if you're confused, the bosses are based off of viruses). I'm giving it a bit more punch to it, since it felt too simple. A v0.3 version of the boss is on my YouTube channel.

I'm also creating an ILOVEYOU boss. I don't know how to go about it yet, though. For more details, go to my GitHub.

I regret wording this as a Q&A, now it sounds snarky.

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