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I've been seeing Dev.to around a lot lately. I've been posting a bit there too as well! I just discovered that Dev.to can “repost” from your own site's RSS feed ( Mine is here if you want to subscribe. Write.as also can auto post to Mastodon Follow me there either at this blog —> @triptych@write.as or my own account —> @triptych@mastodon.social .

This is really powerful. RSS has been around forever, and while Google doesn't like it any more (hard to serve ads in a feed) the rest of the web can and should still use it! I'm glad sites like Dev.to are embracing this and allowing all of us greater freedom.

I post a daily “dev blog” which I will be re-post to Dev.to now for now on!

Write.as even auto posts this to Twitter. So really, if you create a Write.as account, you can make it your “master editor” for all your social posts.

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