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Trinmar Boado
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Personal Projects I am most proud of

These are my GitHub repos I recently contributed to that I am most proud of

  1. - LikhaCMS is a Web App Builder with Built-in UI Building Blocks, Drag and Drop Page Builder, Component Code Editor, Dev and Staging Environment
  2. - Natural Language to Database Query Result! Say goodbye to the frustration of writing complex SQL queries
  3. - simplifies data transformation, making it suitable for a wide range of use cases like complex data, including nested data, arrays, and objects
  4. - A fast RESTful persistent or in memory NoSQL database (18 KiB only!)
  5. - Directly call a function or method of a remote object from a Node.js App thru websocket that can be shared to any web frontend frameworks or mobile apps.
  6. - google-like search and auto suggest (did you mean...) misspelled words, fuzzy search, suggest similar words
  7. - Prints a specific area/element of your html page for any frontend framework
  8. - Sentimiento: Feedback Analysis: Natural language processing in determining whether the writer's attitude is positive, negative, or neutral.
  9. - Code Cracking Game
  10. - Flappy-Bird-like game
  11. - Cross platform apps using Phonegap / Cordova

Vue / Nuxt / Vite / Typescript Projects

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