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3 coding habits to unblock yourself (Part 1)

trilemaestro92 profile image Tri Nguyen ・2 min read

What is up fellow coder.
Thank you for checking out my thoughts on some good habits that helped me get passed many coding road block efficiently.

Quick Disclaimer: I'm currently 2 months into a coding boot-camp, but am confident this could help others like myself to unblock from a beginner perspective.

Lets get right into it!


You've probably been told by a professor or an instructor many times on how console logging is really important to figure out bugs and issues. But to be honest I was brushing off this approach early in my brief coding "career", only because I was more focused on learning functions, queries, and tons of coding concepts (you know the meat and potatoes). Which is of course important in their own rights. And perhaps, I could even say the route I took was the right route when one begins their coding journey.

(Big BUT Alert!)

But, I am here to say once you do get comfortable with the syntax and concepts of any language, console log should be the next thing you need to master. Seriously I actually didn't realize this my self until recently.
Actually, let me describe to you what my thought process in coding before understanding the magic of console log.

When facing a problem before console log

  1. Google the problem.
  2. Look at past activities.
  3. Ask my friend Matt (a classmate who sits next to me).
  4. Start doubting my life choices.
  5. Carefully read through every line in my code for spelling errors :'(
  6. Ask my instructor for help.

When facing a problem after console log

  1. Run my code with a console log, receive a error message.
  2. Read the error message.
  3. Fix the code where the error message said it was located.

Of course it not as simple but that's basically the main idea.

To my point, any new developer would prefer the latter. But like I stated earlier (at least for me), if I'm not comfortable with knowing the fundamentals and concepts of a language first, trying to console log everything would be less effective in my opinion. Since I wouldn't know what/where to console log.

Thus, with that being said once you do feel like you grasp the fundamentals and concepts, try to master the art of console log next it is one of the best ways to hurdle through any coding roadblock.

I hoped that was helpful

(Part 2 coming soon)

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how do u unblock school websites