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Why blockchain

After graduating from Flatiron school I found myself studying algorithms, data structures and practicing for technical interviews. I spent a lot of time learning data structures and it has been helpful in understanding different ways to solve problems within a program. I also had a strong interest in blockchain development. I began to read articles and got lost in the rabbit hole.

Which brings me to now. I realized then that I am really passionate about blockchain, so I decided to focus on being a blockchain developer. I started watching Dapp University, who has been a great foundation and supplies a ton of resources for building Dapps and understanding the ecosystem. Dapp Universtiy provides a lot of knowledge on becoming a blockchain developer and has plenty of videos to watch if you are interested. I have definitely been soaking up all the knowledge that has been provided.

My journey has been great. I have been learning about web3, truffle, metamask, infura, hardhat and different tooling that you can use in this eco system. Since it is so new a lot of different things have been being created. I love that its so open. It reminds me of when the internet was first introduced and how people were trying to learn how to use it.

Be sure to check out the resource that I provided. You will be glad that you did.

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