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Latricia Nickelberry
Latricia Nickelberry

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Solidity Error Resolved

I was working on this error for a few days and could not seem to figure out.
I attempted to reconfigure the truffle.config.js file.
That did not fix the error, so I kept trying to mess around with the file and nothing was working.
Here is example of the code.
Take a look at it very closely and see if you can see what the error is.

If you are like me. You missed seeing that I closed off the whole contract right after adopters.

Sometimes we over look the smallest of details. I hope this was helpful.

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Thorsten Hirsch

But it's obvious when you look at the indentation! Well... except that you did not indent line 4 at all. Indentation cannot help you If you don't indent your lines. ;-)