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I've made the Retro Bowl game on web

Do you miss the days when football was more about fun than money? Have you been longing to relive the glory days of your favorite team?

Now you can do that with a retro bowl game! The game is a blast from the past, where you can recreate classic matchups between teams from different decades. It’s the perfect way to have some old-fashioned fun while honoring the history of football.

Let’s take a look at how it works.

How to play Retro Bowl?
You only need to access our link to play the game for Free. Supported all browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Opera,…

Retro Bowl

This site allows you to play the game from your browser anywhere, on any device!

In this fast-paced 8-bit arcade sports game, you’ll lead your team to glory in a thrilling season of gameplay with its simple yet deep controls. It’s easy to get started – just pick between offense and defense, then choose your plays for the next down.

As you progress, you can upgrade players, and customize uniforms, and team logos in a quest for the championship. With multiple leagues and tournament options, the game offers plenty of challenge and fun for all types of players. Create your own retro dynasty!

The Rules

The Retro Bowl Rules
A retro bowl game is played according to NFL rules as they were in that particular season.

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For example, if you’re recreating a matchup between two teams from 1969, then all rules—including substitutions, formations, and play calls—are based off the rules from that year.

This means that if you want to recreate one of your favorite games from the past, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with those specific rules first.

Recreating Classic Matchups

Now for the best part: recreating classic matchups! You can choose any matchup from any era—it doesn’t matter if it’s a Super Bowl or just an ordinary regular season game—and recreate it using the same teams and players that were involved in the original matchup.

You can even use vintage jerseys and helmets to get into that retro spirit! Of course, since this is just for fun, none of these players will actually be on the field; instead, each team will be made up of “all-star” players who are playing as proxies for their real-life counterparts. This adds an extra element of nostalgia (and challenge) as well!

Retro Bowl tips and tricks

If you want to dominate the virtual gridiron in the game, there are a few tips and tricks that will give you an edge. A key strategy is to utilize your entire roster of players depending on the situation; in certain cases, it pays off to go for a trickier play than running straight up the middle.

Playcalling is especially important when you get into longer yardage situations; selecting a pass play might give you more yards or even an unexpected touchdown if your quarterback can make the right reads.

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Additionally, when playing defense, make sure to mix up your coverages and blitzes as well as try to hide who your top defender is until it’s too late.

And finally, while it might be tempting, avoid going crazy with challenges – they hurt momentum more often than not! Put these tips and tricks into practice and you’ll be sure to have success in retro bowl Kongregate!

You can view more tips and tricks as a video here: Retro Bowl tips and tricks


The game is a great way to have some old-fashioned fun while honoring your favorite team’s history at the same time. The rules are based on what they were during that season and teams are made up of all-star proxies who are playing in place of their real-life counterparts.

So grab your friends and family (or just play solo!), dust off those vintage jerseys and helmets, and get ready for some retro football action! With a retro bowl unblocked poki game, you’ll be able to relive all those glory days once again!

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