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Nanny Care Companion - First shop-stop for parents and those who are expecting

This is a submission for the Coze AI Bot Challenge: Bot Innovator.

minimalistic logo of a friendly old lady

What I Built

My wife and I built a bot to help expecting parents with

  • questions about pregnancy, physical and mental health
  • assistance in buying important stuff, such as clothing, furniture, and groceries
  • guidance on what foods to eat and which to avoid
  • compile checklists on
    • what items to buy before childbirth or for the time in hospital
    • to-do's before and after the big day of childbirth
  • track the baby's growth and provide weekly information for the parents

and all those little everyday tasks that come up.


Here's the link to the bot store:

Ask for material on pregnancy

  • Uses Google search
  • Could be extended with additional knowledge-base items from websites and PDFs

Image description

Compile a checklist of furniture to buy

  • Uses long-term memory feature

Image description

Update the checklist

Image description

Ask for product suggestions from the checklist

Image description

Ask for advice on mental health

Part 1:
Image description

Part 2:

Image description

Ask whether it's okay to eat certain food

Image description

Summarizing a baby-checklist from a german website

  • This feature uses filebox
  • I uploaded the pre-birth checklist from the german 'Familienportal', an authority that advises expecting parents
  • Frankly, I thought this would not work as well as it did :)

Part 1: Upload

Image description

Part 2: Compilation as a checklist

Image description

Part 3: Check items from the list

Funnily, the bot assumed I had also found a midwife and a gynecologist :). While this might usually be the case, users might want to uncheck it manually again.

Image description

Your Configuration

Features and plugins

  • Long-term memory to compile and update the checklists
  • Filebox to upload documents from authorities that can be summarized and translated for non-native-speaking parents
  • Triggers to, say send weekly updates on how much a baby has grown
  • Google Plugin to search for health advice, local professionals, and up-to-date info about foods. Also, add sources to crucial questions that might affect the mother's or baby's health
  • Amazon Plugin to search for relevant products, such as furniture, diapers or other hygiene articles

I also added several blog posts my wife and I learned from into our knowledge base. This could be further extended by more knowledge over time


This is the prompt I am currently using:


In 2023, my wife and I embarked on a journey towards parenthood. And we would soon find out what we've gotten ourselves into. To name a few things: We

  • googled checklists and literature on the topic
  • researched pediatricians and daycare facilities
  • went from store to store, flea market to flea market, to buy furniture, clothing, napkins, and so on
  • find a midwife, a birthing hospital, birth preparation courses
  • ask around for personal experiences other parents have (and how to keep my wife happy)

... and were on our feet quite a lot

That took a lot of time (frankly, it still does). My wife and I did a lot of research, read articles & books, and went from store to store for the perfect baby setup.

In case you've never had to decide on a stroller, it's one hell of a ride

So I built this bot, hoping it'll make the life of expecting parents a bit easier. She has the persona of an elderly woman, because who else but your mother would you like to ask for advice on your newborn?

If this bot is well-liked by the community, I'd love to add more resources. And especially personal experiences. Parents should be able to engage with Margrat as if she has real-world experiences with babies and toddlers and can speak from the experience of raising several children on her own.

Fun fact: I named her Margrat while procrastinating research by reading Terry Pratchett's Discworld Novels

I might as well deviate from the idea of an old, friendly nanny and compile the profile of a mother who is raising a kid herself right now and recently went through all these stages.

If you like this idea, please give Margrat a try :) even if you're no parent, you might be curious to find out what it would be like.

Top comments (6)

jess profile image
Jess Lee

This is like a virtual doula too :)

tqbit profile image

That were my thoughts as well :) Duolas and midwives are hard to come by in Germany, I can imagine that's the case in other countries as well.

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Loving this idea! And wow, sounds like the implementation is on point too. Very nicely done!! 👏

zarazhangrui profile image
Zara Zhang

Great use case!!
Could you elaborate more on "This could be extended furtherly with knowledge, but is currently not possible in the public version"?

tqbit profile image
tq-bit • Edited

Thank you :)

I tried to add knowledgebases, which would include several websites and extracted text from PDF files, to the bot. Which worked, but I could not publish the bot as 'public' then.

Is there any way to circumvent this?

Edit: I just figured that only the config is private 🤦 Will add the data sources back to the bot.
Thanks fo the heads up

zarazhangrui profile image
Zara Zhang

Yeah you can just set the configuration as private and publish as usual! No problem