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Deno.js says hello!

totallymustafa profile image Syed Ahmad Mustafa ・1 min read

Do you like Node.js but not its package manager [npm], and you want a more secure JavaScript runtime environment than. You might find the new open srource project Deno of interest. Although it's still under development.


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What are your thoughts about this ?
The comments section is waiting for you !

PS: Feedback will be appreciated!


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I have a feeling Deno will not get anywhere. It's just Node with some nice features on top but at this point, Node has become much larger and nobody cares whether its original creator has now built something better. I'm sure it will make a small dent (the same way some companies might be still using C++ for web development) but Go and Rust have grabbed the mindshare for "stuff better than Node".


Either you don't understand what you're talking about, or your sarcasm is god tier.

You state: Go and Rust have grabbed mindshare for "stuff better than node".

I agree, particularly in the case of Rust. Considering things like dav1d (AV1 codec), WASM, and other projects of significance that will be of consequence to the web are written in it.

So do you know what one of the differences between node and deno is? Deno is written in Rust. Node still uses C/C++ via libuv...

Do you often contradict yourself? By your own logic, the first sentence of your comment is invalidated. 😁

Furthermore while Deno may not have a mature ecosystem internally (i.e. centralized tooling / repositories) currently giving off vibes of fragility, instead i suggest looking at how it will be supported externally. Example?

Microsoft are the proponent of typescript (arguable a very good preprocessor along with elm for JS), they also own github, npm and VScode.

With that in mind. Now ask yourself. Which of the 2 runtimes would MS rather support moving forward?

nodeJS: full of legacy hacks to make modules work that are not to spec, npm... a system they didn't really have much input in creating.

deno JS: Secure by default, native TS support, adheres to spec, has no centralized repo yet (opportunity to be active from the beginning in it's development), etc.

Furthermore consider for a moment electron. Electron also currently uses the node runtime and is quite difficult to compile with C/C++ modules. Compare that to Rusts crate system and ask, now that V8 has been implemented in Rust, how long before electron becomes obsolete (e.g. turn it into neutron or something 😂)?


NodeJS has tons of (arguably) unfixable problems regarding the updates given to JavaScript, and to be realistic it's only gonna get worse now that TypeScript team has voice in the implementations for the language.

On the other way, choose whatever language suits you the most :D
I love JavaScript, so I stick with Deno since I met it one year ago. Sticking with Node seems kinda pointless now


That's something I agree with. Although I am still using Node.js .


That's plausible and this might happen. But as someone who uses Node.js, I think Deno.js will be popular.


Do you like Node.js but not its package manager [npm]

How is this relevant? i searched for a package manager in the website but i didn't find any.


I, didn't understand what you are referring to.
I was referring to Node Package Manager (npm) in my post.


Lemme ask again, Deno doesn't provide a package manager why did you say that in the beginning of ur article

It's a comparison to Node.js which has a package manager i.e. NPM. So if someone doesn't like Node's package manager, then it's good as Deno does not have a package manager.
That's why mentioned it.


It's been a few months since I've checked on Deno, and hope the project continues to production soon. With regards to the secure execution, would the same features/functionality be available by running the application in a containerized environment like Docker?


I think they should be available. Although, I haven't tried that yet.


Deno is an admirable effort, but I believe the future is in WASI.


Graal JS is likelier more secure than Deno IMO.

Because it is implemented via partial evaluation much of the JIT is very normal safe Java code interpreting JavaScript.


That's a good point, I was just hyped about Deno.js as it's developed by the same person who made Node.js 😅.


Do you have any demos to run through?


I haven't done any projects as of yet using Deno.js. Although, you can use the link given to know more about it.
Also, you can watch Fireship's YouTube channel, he made a video about it which will help you out.
Hope this helps!