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How I Got Into Crypto With SafeMoon

torbet profile image Guy Torbet Updated on ・4 min read

I'll preface this by saying that this is not financial advice by any stretch of the imagination, furthermore, I have no idea how this whole crypto thing works, so take everything written here with a grain of salt.

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I have always wanted to give day trading a shot, but with so many options, it can start to get overwhelming. I attempted it for the first time a few months ago, and was disappointed - most large markets tend to be slow moving, boring, and require a large investment to make any meaningful returns; this is where crypto steps in. Crypto is generally a lot more volatile than traditional stocks and shares, the price of a coin can plummet or soar in a matter of hours - high risk high reward, I like it.

Now, I'm ashamed to admit this, but in an attempt to decrease the endless boredom of lockdown, I caved and downloaded TikTok. Before long, I had made it onto finance recommendations (for whatever reason). I was scrolling meaninglessly until I discovered a video on the new cryptocurrency "SafeMoon".

Initially, I was sceptical - I mean, how many times have you heard "become an early investor in the next Bitcoin", so I did some more digging. SafeMoon is unique in that it rewards holding the coin for longer periods of time, #HODL if you're THAT cool. Every time someone sells their SafeMoon, 5% of it gets reimbursed to current holders, 5% gets burned, and the rest released back into the pool. This means that when people sell their SafeMoon, your amount increases and the value goes up.

The nature of crypto is that there is a finite amount, meaning the laws of supply and demand apply to it; the more that is bought, the lower the supply is, the higher the price. Given that this specific coin was garnering a lot of attention and therefore demand, the price curve already showed tremendous growth, so I decided to give it a try.

My Attempt

I put in £200 initially, and lost a lot of it. This was partly because it was my first time trying out crypto, I had no idea what I was doing, and spent a lot of withdrawal and transfer fees. But also because Guy Torbet apparently has the power to cripple an entire market under the sheer weight of his presence, because as soon as I figured out how to actually GET SafeMoon, the entire crypto market took a massive dip. Luckily it bounced back the next day.

This wasn't the end of the world, I had seen the potential growth of Aragon ($ANT), invested in it, and it took off - mostly covering my losses. This was a pure fluke, and nothing on what I was expecting to make on my new love, SafeMoon.

Now, when crypto dips, what do we do?

A) call it quits, sell it all, give others a free 5% of our holdings and end up losing money.

B) invest even more while the price is low and hope for the best.

If you picked A, shame on you, you have no place in this HODL cult. If you're a B, firstly, you have balls the size of coconuts, and secondly, please don't put in money that you cant afford to lose.

Now, a major reason why SafeMoon appealed was because of how new it is, it was developed just a few weeks ago, and hence, is not on the open-market or exchanges (yet). This will change in the coming weeks when it gets released more publicly, and should cause the price to skyrocket due to the increased demand for the coin.

As I became more confident in how crypto works, I felt more comfortable sinking a few more dollars into it. There was a huge dip in Polkadot, so I bought some for cheap, and the price has been rising steadily ever since.

There is definitely some safer options (ironically), and crypto can be a very worthy long time investment, but I'm more a low effort big rewards right now kinda guy, so, I said fuck it, and went for it.

How to Buy SafeMoon

  1. Buy Binance coin ($BNB), I originally used to do this, but bailed due to their extortionate withdrawal fees, I recommend Binance themselves for this, fuck
  2. Make a Trust Wallet account and transfer your BNB into it.
  3. Swap your coins to BNB smart chain in the Trust Wallet app.
  4. Open up pancake swap, connect your Trust wallet, and swap your Binance coins for SafeMoon. It is not officially on the PancakeSwap list, so enter the token (0x8076C74C5e3F5852037F31Ff0093Eeb8c8ADd8D3) or go directly here.

Additional steps: apparently Binance in the US is super duper shit, so you may need to find an alternative exchange to purchase your BNB. Occasionally PancakeSwap will drop an error when swapping to SafeMoon, click the settings icon and set your slipping rate to 11% (or slightly higher if it doesn't work).

I'm not upset about the losses, the way I see it, I invested in learning something new. SafeMoon, and most cryptocurrencies for that matter, is a massive gamble - but I'm gonna continue to hodl until we react the moon!

I like crypto, and will spend more time understanding it and researching, as it becomes more and more mainstream, the returns should only get bigger!

If you have some money to play around with, I'd put a bit into SafeMoon, but nothing that you can't afford to lose. It has massive potential in all aspects, but if you want a more long term investment, keep being an "A" and put your money in the S&P 500 like a normie.

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nutrionik profile image
Nutrionik • Edited

That seems like an interesting counter offer to dump our Bitcoins and move to a highly rewarding coin. I will research it much better and see if it's worth the while. I still feel though that the Forex market is much easier to navigate through.It really depends on what you see as real profit out of the Forex market. If you are one of those knuckleheads that follow anyone or anything no promises 1000% rewards in one week then you are in for a big disappointment. I started recently trading crypto and I think it's one of the best and volatile assets to lay your hands on at the moment. Of course that doesn't mean that the risk is not there. If you can find good resources that can give you an edge over other traders like then I'm pretty sure you can make a decent return at the end of the day.

leorts profile image
Leo Le Taro • Edited

I am a bit late to the party but put $40 USD that I can definitely afford to lose (actually this week’s yield farming rewards) into Safemoon, see what happens.

One thing though bruh. It’s not Binance that’s ‘sh*t’ about the US, is the US that’s ‘sh*t’ about crypto. Regulations are awful. Talk about the free world.

jc_belas_city profile image

That token should name himself UnSafeMoon! Code is made for a rug pull.... Go study. Even if it was safe, once it get any major exchange it will die! NOBODY will want to loose 10%. Safemoon will never get out Pancakeswap.

torbet profile image
Guy Torbet Author

I mean, the post clearly states that it's an extremely risky coin to invest into. I'm not sure if you read it correctly, but no one loses 10%, when you sell 10% of the coins get sold and dispersed but no one "loses" anything. As for getting out of pancake swap, it's already been accepted to some major exchanges, so that's just untrue, it's quite well documented.

rayvenz5 profile image

I like this guy.. How can I follow you on twitter dude?

torbet profile image
Guy Torbet Author

Hey man! Glad you liked it ☺️ I'm @guytorbet on Twitter, but may have to make a new account soon as an pretty sure that one is shadowbanned for whatever reason :(

rayvenz5 profile image

Oh that's sad to hear because you're the only reason I signed up on this dev site after i read your article about safemoon just to ask for your Twitter handle so I can follow you. Not withstanding if you decide to open a new twitter account ? Here is mine @rayvenz5 . I look forward to reading new articles of your research about other crypto projects.

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torbet profile image
Guy Torbet Author

Thanks man means a lot! Dropped you a follow on Twitter and will make sure to let you know if I make a new account! Will be a lot more active over there when I find out what's going on with the shadowland ;)

mi1ic4 profile image

Go go SafeMoon to the Moon! Great crypto, I've just invested into it. It'll be a huge WIN

torbet profile image
Guy Torbet Author

Had a huge spike today! Woke up with 3x!! Keep it going!

jayvi profile image

you should check $lem lemur finance it’s unruggable