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Spooky Times on Twitch with the Notifications API

Another Twitch recap, this time for Halloween! Watch the full stream right here.

What did we do?

This episode was a mixed recap of a bunch of long, complex topics that we've worked with on other episodes -- geofencing and asset tracking. In the past, we've used webhooks to tell send us constant updates on our tracked object, and had them pop up as teams notifications.

This time, we introduced configuring notifications using Postman, which makes adding changes to the object, its name, and other properties so much easier.

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Why is it Spooky?

Using the geofences set up from out multi-stop routing for delivery cars in past episodes, we set up a ghost object and talked about how to track its whereabouts.

This stream built a lot on our infamous Roswell geofencing episode, where we geofenced the city of Roswell and tracked a UFO which we set on a path. This time, we wanted to chat about how to be notified when our ghost (instead of the UFO) moved around to different areas. If you haven't already, you can watch that Geofencing episode here!

Booo! (And, happy mapping!)

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