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Twitch Recap: Q&A on How Traffic is made!

Hey everyone! Here I'll be recapping our last TomTomDevs Twitch stream of the year, which was this Tuesday! Check out the full recap here.

This episode was a little different, as instead of a purely coding tutorial, we decided to get a bit more open-ended and bring up some important questions about working with traffic. We didn't go it alone, however -- we brought in reinforcements, aka TomTom Product Marketing Manager, Jonathan Americo!

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Featuring some of the traffic facts shown above, the world has seen massive changes in traffic patterns this year, which is why we answered some key questions.

  1. Can we fool TomTom traffic with a bucket of phones?

In short, you actually can't! Phones are able to send nuanced indications of movement, so we can tell if a phone is moving only a few inches at a time, or is extremely close together. One might indicate a pedestrian, and the other a carful of people - neither of which are individual traffic points.

  1. Will COVID-19's wild outlier traffic patterns influence historical traffic profiles of roads and road segments?

This is a good one! 2020's lack of traffic is definitely a part of history - and so, we are working on ways to ensure that it is differentiated in such a way, such as creating a short-term historical view.

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For more questions and answers, watch our recap, and otherwise... Happy Holidays, and Happy Mapping!

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