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Let me start with my story. I have been involved in programming for 12 or more years now - doing all kinds of applications - Desktop, Web, Enterprise, Mobile, Front-End, Back-End, cross-platform, native, a little bit if embedded (IoT).
Went trough IE, jQuery, Flash (Flex), Java Swing, and at last Android UI - with Cordova, cross-platform, native variations.
Yes, For the last several years I have been developing around 10 Android applications for clients and around 20 personal. Some of them stopped working because of legal conflicts, changes in the guidelines, and lastly - changes in the OS itself.
And this year Android is getting a desktop alternative:
https://www.androidpolice.com/2019/01/16/stable-version-of-android-x86-8-1-oreo-now-available/ with a free window option. So Good luck to me and to my colleagues that do application development. Every static UI - not handling different screens phone / 7' tablet/ 10' tablet and more - a desktop view (the same as Responsive UI for Web) will have very clumsy applications.
Lately I am experimenting with voice interactions, that have totally different approach and interrelation of the human with the software. And who knows that else will come in the future.

The form-factor is changing so rapidly that I'm starting to lose faith in technology, lose the passion for fighting endlessly technical stuff and ever new changes for the same task - doing something useful with Software (plus hardware).

Yes, it pays the bills and I'm working in warm office instead of out there in the field, but I'm starting too lose the meaning of it all. Technology should have bean something that minimizes labor instead of increase it. And yes, there are some small areas where it does, but so much of it - it doesn't.

Are out there any other people that love technology in general, but are longing for something else, something more, something that I don't seem to be able to define.

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This reminds me to a post I wrote a few weeks ago and where I ask a similar question:

Complex organizations seem to have a general tendency to develop subsystems that work against their initial goals.


I found in my experience that the systems are placed for the machine to actually work at all ( the developer to understand what the software should do from the BA, the QA, what is expected and to test the edge cases). The problem with the big organizations is that rarely a person joins in because of a cause and acts properly and knows how, without straight forward instructions. It is kind of contradiction embedded in the human psychology and motivation.


Pal, no code ist ever really finish. No Code ist sacred. I tempt to Interpret described circumstances as a way to improve.


You are absolutely right. No code is ever final. I haven't reached that point yet, but I think that, to continue the technical fire in me, I need to reach (with the help of the software) some goal, some purpose outside of technology itself.