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Who do you work for?

Maybe it is not appropriate thing to share on a platform focused on tech, but, all this diving into technological complexity is just egoism packaged professionally.

If you consider money as a fair and real thing and not just an invention for those in power, the leaf of the economical tree are the end users. You may get paid from a business, but, down the tubes, the other side at some level goes to customers - non-engineers. Do you have something for them?

How much ducks the end user gives with what Technology, library, tool we've build something? You're right - 0 - zero.

Lately, I am thinking of analogy about software development that is scaring me. All the software complexities and all the layers above are just one big ponzi scheme. Law is just words we all agreed to accept as truth, money as value - even that it is pumped up by more abstractions like credit, taxes. Fame is also dust in the wind.

Software choice is always at second place - after programming the mind - the wrapping up of the product - with the words that will make humans use it or see value in it. Soft skills are always more important than the tech. And unfortunately we're all making our lives harder and harder with the complexities of development.

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