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Developer's Life January 2019

I am software engineer with some marketing and philosophical tendencies
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This month I started making several videos that show how is used my tool GeneratorApp. I'll probably make a blog posts in some point with screenshots and descriptions using the videos. In the process of making the videos I found the need to re-verify again that my tool program was working properly and I managed to fix several bugs and inconsistencies.

I've also released a early version of the GeneratorApp for non-developers. It caches the models on my site and a Jenkins VM has a task that scans for new model definitions every half hour - builds them and uploads the APK file. After I improve the android version sufficiently enough I am thinking of doing similar thing with Jar files for desktop database applications with the end goal to make them synchronize between without any 3rd party Service, Computer or whatever - using the code and some experience I have from past applications like - notes, budgets, files. If I reach this point - this time the output of my tool will generate apps not restricted to data models that I thought would be useful. In the whole process all changes will be made inside the GeneratorApp itself so anybody could generate and modify the code according to any business need.

To the application Breathe In unfortunately I haven't spend much time. I've finished the code level (lint and stuff) optimizations and improvements and I'm into making an API for the Device Location Access - that will use what is available.

I am also starting to research a possibility to integrate my site with Google's Voice Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
I tried implementing voice recognition software 8 years ago. Then the research was too technical, trying to understand the mathematics of the voice recognition, tried a framework that needed definition of grammatical phrases and failed.

Today, the big corporations offer SDKs and tools for modeling and implementing the actual dialog with the human and take care of the evolving and improving with the time technical challenge of transforming the voice into comprehensible bytes. Yes, the things You(and I) do in the end are a property of the corporations, but if it increase the reach of my own software it could be not so bad. There are pros and cons to everything.

I've done some proof of concept with the Assistant. There are some technical challenges to resolve and if and when I complete them, this will unlock a potential to add to any tool, site or software a possibility to interact with Google's Voice Software. After that I'll also probably try Alexa. "Talking" to the machines is something that is starting to become very common in the Western world. No more sitting, standing in front of monitor of any size to execute the tasks. As one marketer is saying, speed and time saving are one of the most valuable (even in financial terms) characteristics of any technology.

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