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Discussion on: Why Facebook's api starts with a for loop

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I'm sorry if you consider my comment "negative" that was not the intention, it was a trivial request. The lmddgtfy link just came off really condescending to me so I over reacted, apologies for that. I instantly close any links that go to let me search that for you sites as the website has a nice little "That wasn't so hard was it?" message right before it clicks search. After being insulted by this many times I had assumed that the duck duck go version did the same thing and closed the page before it even clicked search.

"please provide your comments in a more constructive manner next time I include a link!"
Ok, instead of providing a lmddgtfy link with a lengthy 5 second animation suggesting that the reader lacks the brain power to search themselves. Just do a direct link to the search result like so, it's faster and more direct.

Although if someone is interested in the topic they will search for it themselves, it seems a little redundant to open a search result for an article. Try linking in other interesting reads related to the topic, maybe even some ones. Hope that's constructive enough for you. :)

I did love the article though!