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Tina Huynh
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Know Your Value & Add Tax

What does this quote actually mean? Just a pretty cliche Instagram caption? No. It never is. There's always meaning behind everything, but only if you're willing to look behind the face value.

This is about treating yourself how you want others to treat you. It's about knowing that you matter and what you're worth. It's about not making yourself smaller in a room despite who else is standing next to you, whether it be your clients, bosses, colleagues, or friends. It's not feeling privileged but it's about knowing you deserve the space to grow, to develop, to own who you are in your own skin.

It's the fact that you should be valued for what you are worth. You are not the mistakes you have made in the past. No one is. We are constantly growing and changing and developing into a better person each and every day. Know that, own it, and hold your head high. You're doing the work and it will shine through you.

In reality, no one knows what it takes to be you. Your struggles, your stresses, your feelings and emotions are your own and no one can truly relate and be YOU. Hence, your experience is unique. You are one of a kind. Own it.

Your hard work is what got you to where you are today. And maybe you aren't where you want to be, maybe it's not your dream job or your dream circumstance, but you're getting there. You're putting in the work and the small steps will one day add up. The compound effect will be apparent in every aspect of your life. Don't give up.

This is your life. This is your future. This is your worth. You deserve the life you dream of. Know it, own it. Build towards it.

Happy coding!

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