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Bookmarks/Resources Management

Table of Contents

  1. Gathering your inspiration
  2. Giving yourself leeway
  3. Bookmarking more resources

Gathering Your Inspiration

You will hear time and time again that websites such as Behance, Dribble, and Instagram are great sources of inspiration for a developer. But we all know how many times we will go one sites like CodePen to also look at what works of art other developers have come up with.

Giving Yourself Leeway

The first mock-up you create isn't going to be your final nor is it going to be your best. You'll change your design one way or another. You'll want to add multiple more features and take away some. It's all in the process of design. What will help with the process is if you start thinking about options at the brainstorming step instead of waiting until you're almost at the finish line. Yes, you could go down to step 10 of road A but what if you first consider the possibilities of road A and road B equally first? Then you won't have to walk as far in both direction to get to your desired endpoint.

I have attached some resources I personally have bookmarked and have used in past projects:




Bookmarking More Resources

Managing your bookmarks can be a hassle. Look at your browsers tab right now. How many bookmarks do you have open currently? Do you even dare say? Comment below, if you do, I'd love to hear. I on the other hand, would rather not.

There are bookmark tools and techniques to manage your tabs that make navigating through them a lot less time consuming. Do you use google chrome's tab grouping feature? Do you have a bookmarks manager app or chrome extension downloaded?

Here are some techniques and extensions for bookmark managing:

  1. Google Chrome's tab grouping functionality

google chrome

  1. Pocket





content for teams

Happy coding!

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regex for lazy devs

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