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Apollo Federation Gateway Demo

Hi everyone welcome to my another brand new playlist in this playlist, we are going to talk about graphical Federation which is a part of all about Node js microservices


Recently I have already covered Node JS microservices using REST API now I am going to cover Node JS microservices using graphql and here we are going to use all the concepts of graphical

  • how to build a graphql microservices in the nest js and how to use data loaders with how the data loaders are solving the query N + 1 one problem
  • we will also see how we can connect different subgraph through Apollo graphical Gateway and how can we use Apollo graphical Federation to talk to multiple microservices where gateway will expose unique centralize interface for queries and mutation

Major topics of this playlist

  • Building Code First or schema first Graphql service in Nest JS
  • What is Graphql Federation and what problem it solves Graphql
  • What is the N+1 Query problem in Graphql and how Data loaders can help us to fix it.
  • Building Graphql service in Nest JS with TypeORM
  • Building Graphql service using apollo federation
  • We will build multiple graphql microservices and then we will compose all sub graphs using apollo gateway

Connect different subgraphs services to Graphql Gateway
Build end-to-end solution using graphql apollo federation

Long Story short

In this playlist we will build backend having multiple microservices like

  • auth service
  • home manager service
  • booking manager service
  • apollo gateway service

We will see how we can reference types from one service to another and how these types can be resolved from different services (that's what our graphql apollo federation will do)

Stay tuned, i will be posting more videos on this playlist.

Enjoy development

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