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TJ Stoll
TJ Stoll

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Back In The Saddle

Hello, world! Good to see you again!

I've been out of the the coding game for well over a year now. And out of web development for much more than that.

A Bit of History

You see, I taught myself web development in university as a distraction from my actual class work. It turns out I loved it! Fast-forward to graduation in 2018 and I was applying for jobs in that very field. Unfortunately, I could never make it past the coding challenges because I was slightly more amateur than I thought. So I opted for a job in a field that was more tailored to my degree: data science.

I ended up hating that job. It paid well, but I couldn't shake that undeniable feeling of unfulfillment. Maybe it was the company, maybe it was the work, but I could never deny that web development was and still is my true love. After nearly two years I ended up leaving the job for good in search of something different.

And "Something Different" I Found!

In all that time away from computers I:

  • WWOOFed on a ranch in the Yukon
  • was retired (okay, unemployed actually) for a bit
  • worked a year in landscaping (my other dream job)
  • and backpacked all of Vietnam

I learned a lot about myself. I learned what a crazy, creative, strong, and brave person I can be. I also learned that I can do anything I put my mind to! So, I've decided to give my dream another shot! But this time, on my own terms

Wrangle That Wild Pony!

Today, I'm getting back to it! I have a renewed spirit and a renewed energy. And to kickstart and help guide my journey, I've signed up for an online course that teaches the basics of web development. Some of it I already know, but there are lots of topics covered I never gave myself the chance to explore.

I'm picking up where I left off. I'm pushing my limits. And I'm not taking "no" for an answer! :)

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