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Join me for a free live session: DevOps Careers Q&A

Do you have DevOps-related career questions?

  • What should I study?
  • How can I transition into a DevOps-related role?
  • How do I keep my skills current?
  • What certifications are most relevant?
  • How should I prepare for an interview?
  • What should I look for in a DevOps-related job?
  • And anything else…

September 23, I’ll be doing a free, live video Q&A session all about DevOps Careers. The session starts at 17:00 CET (Europe) / 8:00 AM Pacific Time (US).

This session is free, but there is limited space, so reserve your spot now!

Have other suggestions for Q&A session topics? I’ll be doing other Q&A sessions, so hit me up and let me know what you’d like to discuss for a future session.

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