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The leading real-time analytics platform in 2023

This post is the sixth in a series on real-time analytics. It is an excerpt from Real-time analytics, a definitive guide which can be read in full here.


The next wave of real-time applications and systems require extraordinary processing speed and storage and have been historically difficult and expensive to build.

But that changes with Tinybird.

Tinybird is the industry-leading real-time analytics platform. With Tinybird, developers and data teams can harness the power of real-time data to quickly and cost-effectively build real-time data analytics and the applications they power.

Tinybird combines the 3 components of real-time analytics architectures discussed above - streaming ingestion, OLAP database, and publication layer - into a single platform with a delightful developer experience.

Tinybird combines streaming, OLAP, and publication in a single, integrated platform with a delightful developer experience.

Use Tinybird to ingest data from multiple sources at streaming throughput, query and shape that data using the 100% pure SQL you already know and love, and publish your queries as low-latency, high-concurrency REST APIs to consume in your applications.

A gif showing how Tinybird replaces many data tools and technical handoffs by combining their functions into one, making it simpler to build real time analytics with fewer resources.

Tinybird is the real-time analytics platform that combines and replaces event streaming, OLAP storage, data modeling, and publication layers into a single, cost-effective tool.

Put simply, with Tinybird, developers can create fast APIs, faster over real-time data at scale. What used to take hours and days now only takes minutes. Tinybird is the indispensable tool data engineers and software developers have been waiting for.

With Tinybird, developers can build fast APIs, faster, over streaming data at scale.

What makes Tinybird the top real-time analytics platform?

Tinybird is a force multiplier for data teams and developers building real-time analytics. Here are the factors that influence Tinybird’s position as the top real-time analytics platform in 2023.

  • Performance. Performance is critical when it comes to real-time analytics platforms. Tinybird is a serverless platform built on top of ClickHouse, the world’s fastest OLAP database for real-time analytics. Tinybird can handle massive volumes of data at streaming scale, supports a wide array of SQL joins, offers materialized views and the performance advantages they offer, and still maintains API latencies under a second for even very complex queries and use cases.
  • Developer experience. Developer experience is critical when building analytics into user experiences. Developers need to be able to build quickly, fail fast, and safely maintain production systems. Tinybird’s developer experience is unparalleled amongst real-time analytics platforms. Tinybird offers a straightforward, flexible, and familiar experience, with both UI and CLI workflows, SQL-based queries, and familiar CI/CD workflows when working with OLAP databases. Things like schema migrations and database branching can all be managed in code with version control. These things combined reduce the learning curve for developers, streamline the development process, and enhance the overall developer experience.
  • Faster speed to market. Of course, developer comfort is only a part of the story. Perhaps more critically, a better developer experience shortens the time to market. Tinybird empowers developers to push enterprise-grade systems into production more quickly and with more confidence. Through a combination of intuitive interfaces, built-in observability, and enterprise support, Tinybird enables developers to ship production code much faster than alternatives - which shortens the time between scoping and monetization.
  • Fewer moving parts. Simplicity is key when it comes to real-time analytics platforms. Whereas other real-time analytics solutions require piecemeal integrations to bridge ingestion, querying, and publication layers, Tinybird integrates the entire real-time analytics stack into a single platform. This eliminates the need for multiple tools and components and provides a simple, integrated, and performant approach to help you reduce costs and improve efficiency.
  • Works well with everything you already have. Interoperability is also important when evaluating a real-time analytics platform. Tinybird easily integrates with existing tools and systems with open APIs, first-party data connectors, and plug-ins that enable you to integrate with popular tools such as databases, data warehouses, streaming platforms, data lakes, observability platforms, and business intelligence tools.
  • Serverless scale. As a serverless real-time analytics platform, Tinybird allows product teams to focus on product development and release cycles, rather than scaling infrastructure. This not only improves product velocity, it also minimizes resource constraints. With Tinybird, engineering teams can hire fewer SREs that would otherwise be needed to manage, monitor, and scale databases and streaming infrastructure.

Tinybird is a high-performance, serverless real-time analytics platform that helps developers work faster so they can ship real-time analytics projects to production faster and with more confidence.

The economics of real-time analytics: how Tinybird saves you money

The operative phrase of 2023 is “do more with less.” You’re under pressure to reduce costs but maintain the same, if not greater, level of service. Fortunately, a real-time analytics platform like Tinybird can help you capture new value at a fraction of the cost.

Here are a few ways that Tinybird enables cost-effective development:

  • Deliver impact across your business. Tinybird can ingest data from multiple sources and replace many existing solutions, from web analytics to inventory management to website personalization and much, much more.
  • Developer productivity where it counts. Tinybird has a beautiful and intuitive developer experience. What used to take weeks can be accomplished in minutes. What used to take entire teams of engineers to build, debug, and maintain can now be accomplished by one industrious individual. Efficiency is the 2023 superpower, and Tinybird delivers.
  • Reduced infrastructure and moving parts. Tinybird combines ingestion, data processing, querying, and publishing, enabling more use cases with less infrastructure to manage and fewer human resources required to manage said infrastructure. This means fewer hand-offs between teams and systems, faster time-to-market, and reduced costs.
  • Automate your insights. React faster to opportunities and problems. No more waiting for those daily reports, you’ll be able to know in real time how your business is behaving and automate/operationalize your responses to it.

Tinybird reduces the cost of real-time analytics by consolidating many tools into a single platform, reducing resource dependencies, and increasing developer velocity.

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