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Unity Dev post 7

I'm still working away at the game, I knew games took a while but I'm surprised by how slow progress has been. Part of that is just me being lazy, I'm trying to do at least something everyday but have taken a few breaks recently.

I got made redundant at my job so that meant more time spent looking for work and doing interview practice but I also just hit a period of fatigue, perhaps its the changing seasons.

I did feel like I reached a sort of eureka moment where adding new menus and game objects felt easy. All of a sudden things clicked into place. However, then I tried adding other weapons and I got bogged down in issues and my architecture for that system now looks bad. I got stuck in issues of rotating bullets into the right place and having missiles that move correctly. As in rotating to their target, having the right amount of acceleration.

I think i'm over that hump but I'll likely need to re-work the weapon/bullet system. Also I don't think i'm using scripted objects correctly. I'm not getting the advertised benefits from them but maybe thats also due to the structure.

I'm now working through leetcode. I'm surprisingly bad at it, I have gone through periods of algorithm practice in the past so I thought I'd be ok.

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