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Discussion on: Announcing Appwrite Web SDK 5.0

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Bernd Wechner

Not much of an improvement as I don't even know what Firebase is ;-) And to be honest looking it up on-line I am not much closer ... even after reading their use cases, to understand what Firebase it even is ... As I said, the world is getting complicated, or stuff like this is pitched at an in crowd, folk who know what's going on. Here I am a mere mortal and I flick over these pages and am still wondering what there is here, what Firebase is, and what AppWriter is. What I can say is a clear link to use cases is a big boon. Next thing Google might try is writing some use cases that speak to me ;-).

Is this like all abut phone apps? Web apps? As in web site/pages? I'm none the wiser really. I see like Firebase can add on-line chat to my app, great, that actually speaks to me, but like can I plug that in to my Django website? IS it a phone app thing, or does it predicate me having written a web app in Firebase? none of these questions are ever close to being answered easily ... Just saying, the dev world has got weirdly complicated IMHO.