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Discussion on: Announcing Appwrite Web SDK 5.0

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Torsten Dittmann Author

Hehe, we are actually trying to make the world of development less complicated. Appwrite is an open source backend as a service that gives you a self-hosted alternative to Firebase/co.

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Bernd Wechner

Not much of an improvement as I don't even know what Firebase is ;-) And to be honest looking it up on-line I am not much closer ... even after reading their use cases, to understand what Firebase it even is ... As I said, the world is getting complicated, or stuff like this is pitched at an in crowd, folk who know what's going on. Here I am a mere mortal and I flick over these pages and am still wondering what there is here, what Firebase is, and what AppWriter is. What I can say is a clear link to use cases is a big boon. Next thing Google might try is writing some use cases that speak to me ;-).

Is this like all abut phone apps? Web apps? As in web site/pages? I'm none the wiser really. I see like Firebase can add on-line chat to my app, great, that actually speaks to me, but like can I plug that in to my Django website? IS it a phone app thing, or does it predicate me having written a web app in Firebase? none of these questions are ever close to being answered easily ... Just saying, the dev world has got weirdly complicated IMHO.

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Alexander Maslakov • Edited on

Do you have plans to provide appwrite hosting and when it will be ready for using?
Steps to use Firebase: 1. Register 2. Create database 3. Integrate with your App
Steps to use Appwrite: 1. Learn what is Docker 2. Install Docker 3. Learn how to install Appwrite 4. Install Appwrite 5. Integrate with your App 6. Lern how to host Docker in Cloud 7. Host Docker in Cloud. Only then you can say that you have back-end for your App in the Internent. And after all of that you need think about monitoring and deal with crashes.
But API looks nice. Thanks for product.