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Discussion on: What would the ideal web framework look like?

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Bernd Wechner

1) I think you're talking about front-end web frameworks (i.e. running client side, and by definition today, Javascript enhancements).

2) The original question does hold a similar bias, but I'll note that frameworks exist in a load of other contexts, not least what in web terms would be called the back end.

3) I don't think your dream is so unreasonable or even unlikely per se, but may well be long lasting (so meaningfully not likely to happen). Javascript is, IMHO evolving as a language probably faster than any other. It lags behind frameworks of course, because it's in a different game, namely specifying what browsers should be supporting (their end users if you will are the web browser producers). Javascript frameworks by comparison are the converse in both respects, they have to support popular browsers and their customers are web developers. And so I see the role that these frameworks provide is different but also changing as, over time Javascript absorbs the best of what they offer, that can sensibly we imposed as a standard upon browser producers.

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Yup that's correct, I was referring to front-end web frameworks specifically. I don't think we should group/compare front-end, backend and mobile frameworks, as they are world of themselves.

And yea, I agree with point 3. That's the reason why I think it's unlikely to happen, at least in the near future. Though I hope we get there at some point :D

My idea was, if we could build the web now, what would we do differently? Most likely everything