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Render-Atlanta 2021 Recap

I can't believe that it's over

I know that I could be a little longwinded so I will try to keep this letter short, but I really can't believe that we just pulled off a full-scale software engineering conference since our new normal has began. I know that this wouldn't of been possible without the love, support, and determination of the more than 350 attendees that made their way down the intersecting path of culture and tech in Atlanta for three days. During those three days it dawned on me that we've built something much bigger than what I've envisioned in my earlier letter discussing my vision for the conference, and now encompasses giving everyone a intuitive and vibrant outlet for shared experiences across the technology, specifically engineering, industry. While I was surrounded by many enthusiastic faces, I did feel a sense of "we could do more" to ensure that for our 2022 edition will award more than our previous 70 scholarships, and have 1,200 attendees in Atlanta to help stimulate the local economy further.

Wild Ride

2021 was a wild ride that encompassed a COVID variant, hurricane Ida, and many other unpredictable events that almost caused us to delay the dream of Render-Atlanta for the third time. But with your consistent support and admiration, the dream was only delayed and not denied. We're excited to have recently announced our upcoming 2022 lineup, along with announcing our deeper commitment to intersecting engineering and the culture by adding the Milk & Cookies Music Festival to our week of events. More importantly my team and I can't wait to welcome you back for the festivities that could only happen in "the city that's too busy to hate", Atlanta

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Nick Taylor

I couldn't make it this year, but this is definitely on my list for next year! All I heard about it was great things! 🔥