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Justin E. Samuels
Justin E. Samuels

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Our Duty, The Decision

I'm Sure You're Aware

Map showing the global spread of the coronavirus pandemic

Map showing the global spread of the coronavirus pandemic

If you've been somewhat connected to the world within the past three months, then you've heard of the ongoing (now pandemic) situation that has engulfed our world, and crippling our daily life among other things. Unlike in the past, this has been an "all hands on deck" public-health crisis for the world to overcome together by everyone doing their part, no matter how big or small. Around the world, we've witnessed many of our beloved conferences, sporting events, and public gatherings postpone, or cancel in the best interest of public health. This is why Render-Atlanta has made the decision to shift our dates from upcoming early May, to late August with the hopes that the virus will be under a more controlled situation by then. We understand that this news will come as a disappointment to some of our attendees, but we have a responsibility to our attendees, sponsors, and public health officials to act in the best interest for everyone.

Atlanta's Local Commitment

Atlanta Hawk Trae Young showing off his Hawk jersey mini gif

Atlanta Hawk - Trae Young

One of the reasons why it has taken us soo long to announce updated dates was because, we wanted to ensure the smoothest transition of those that'll be effected by our announcement. Once the decision was made to postpone, our team went to work rapidly with making the appropriate changes to accommodate our attendees, speakers, and sponsors with updated host hotel room blocks which will honor the same rates as previously noted, and waived change fees for those whom booked airfare using our meeting code through our airline partner Delta Airlines. We understand that this is a stressful time for those whom have placed their trust, and hard-earned money in our hands, and we wanted to help ease such stress for all those that have supported us. Additionally, the city of Atlanta and our various local suppliers was very supportive in accommodating our updated dates, and we wouldn't be able to of done such without their help. Most exciting of all, we were able to re-confirm all of our speakers, workshop conductors, and sponsors for our updated dates, thus ensuring the promised Render-Atlanta cultural experience at our event.

A Community Commitment

Render-Atlanta's 15% Discount

Our commitment to the community

We understand that without your support that the tech conference community wouldn't be possible, and that the ongoing change of dates among all conference has really put a hurdle in front of some wanting to experience the benefits of attending a tech conference in person. This is why we're happy to announce that we will be offering a 15% discount on our remaining tickets for all those whom have been effected by a conference that was either delayed or cancelled. To take advantage of this offer, please send your proof-of-purchase of the cancelled/delayed conference to We hope that this offer will brighten up the day of those whom didn't see the possibility of attending a tech conference in 2020 with renewed hope.

Ongoing Commitment - Render-Atlanta

The experience, and entertainment you are expecting to have at Render-Atlanta has not changed with our updated dates. We're still expecting a sold-out conference (~60 tickets remain) with great weather, food, and speakers that will correspond with our cultural, and innovation themes of the conference. In fact, that weekend in Atlanta is even more special because, there will be many sources of family fun and entertainment going on w/ a slew of festivals, sporting events, and more during our eventful summer. Our commitment to our audience remains the same, and we hope that you will still join us in Atlanta this August for a cultural experience never before seen at a tech conference.

Render-Atlanta ticket breakdown

Render-Atlanta ticket breakdown

Stand Together

Lisa Simpson speaking into a megaphone saying 'together we are strong' mini gif

We are strong TOGETHER!

I believe strongly that our communities will be able to stand together to overcome this threat to our modern world. With the ongoing efforts among our governments, corporations, and local individuals, I'm confident that out of this pandemic will come a new sense of unity never seen before among our local and global communities.

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Brendan Carney

Nice work Justin and team! This is as smooth a change as could be expected during this time. Looking forward to attending in August!