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Making a Form in Material UI with TextField and Button

Thomas Step
I learned how to code at university, so I've been at it since 2014. I've dabbled in open source contributions but would like to get into it more. Other than 1's and 0's, I love to travel.
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While working on my side project, I came across the need to have a form where some sort of text was given as input and when a button was clicked that input was captured and used in a subsequent API call. It turns out that the solution I went with was fairly easy to understand, but I wanted to make note of it either way.

Keep in mind that I am using Next.js/React and Material UI for this. The solution's code is below, but I will explain it first. I used a combination of React state and event listeners to accomplish this. First comes the form components themselves, a TextField and Button from Material UI. Next comes the state needed to hold onto the input given, which I just called textFieldInput. The TextField has an onChange event listener which captures anything that is given as input. I wrote a handler for this to simply update the textFieldInput state value with whatever is in the TextField. Next comes the onClick listener for the Button. Whenever that is clicked, I simply pull the value of textFieldInput out of the state and then I can use the current value that the user typed into the TextField. Voila.

class FormClass extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
    this.state = {
      textFieldInput: '',

    this.doSomethingWithInput = this.doSomethingWithInput.bind(this);
    this.handleTextFieldChange = this.handleTextFieldChange.bind(this);

  handleTextFieldChange(event) {

  doSomethingWithInput(event) {
    const {
      } = this.state;
    // Use textFieldInput

  render() {
        <TextField id="filled-basic" label="Email" variant="filled" onChange={(e) => this.handleTextFieldChange(e)} />
          startIcon={<AddIcon />}
          onClick={(e) => this.doSomethingWithInput(e)}
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