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How I began my journey into Webdev and some lessons that I learnt

thisismanaswini profile image Manaswini ・4 min read

Let me start my first ever post here by introducing myself. I'm Manaswini. I am from Hyderabad, India. I recently created a brand new Portfolio website for myself and launched it onto the World Wide Web just a few hours ago. You can find it here
How did I get here? What made me go with Web development and eventually Web design? Read on to know more...
It would not be an exaggeration to say that I never thought I could come this far in Web development. Why? Because I never thought, even in my wildest dreams, that I could be a programmer or a developer or anything software-related. Why? Because I thought it was only for people with a solid technical background who dream code, eat code and drink code! All blame on the movies for portraying programmers as some kind of an alien species who input endless jargon into systems and lock themselves up in their rooms in front of their computers for eternity. Although I think the latter sentence is true. OK anyways now I know that anybody can code with a good amount of practice and dedication.
Did I catch you asking "OK I've heard all that before but how exactly did you get here? What was your journey exactly like?" Don't worry. I've got you covered! It all started in June 2019 when I started contemplating Freelancing to earn some quick bucks as a first year Engineering undergrad.Quickly googled 'Freelance' and a ton of buzz words got thrown at me. Content writing. Copy writing.WEB DEVELOPMENT.Sounds familiar. I had my friend tell me about it a few days ago. I browse further. I find an advertisement about the best Web development course on Udemy with a 95% discount!! I was in!
That was how I started learning Web development in June 2019, learnt for about a week and forgot about its existence until April 2020 when I got back and officially began the 100 days of code challenge on Twitter to help me stay accountable on this journey. Thanks to the lock down, I now had plenty of time to give to this mysterious and scary sounding thing- Web development.
Until I took this leap of faith, I always viewed myself as a novice who didn't understand computers or software or technology and just wasn't interested in the whole programming thing. But now I know better. OK enough about myself, let's actually dive into the lessons that I learnt. Shall we?

What I have learnt so far

Right now I'm on Day 40 of the 100 days of code challenge and there's a pretty good number of things I've learnt till now. I'm not going to talk about any tech-related stuff here, just some general lessons that I learnt along the way.This is more like what I would tell myself 3 months ago when I still was completely new to this field.

  1. Forget about all the bizarre myths you've heard about web development or programming in general and just get in there. If you are not sure whether tech is right for you, try checking out platforms like Free code camp or try youtube tutorials to get a hang of it and then decide. Do whatever, but take that first step. Even if you do not continue with a career in tech, you will still learn some valuable lessons.

  2. One of the most valuable lessons you will learn is discipline and dedication. Because to be honest, I had never done anything close to this 100 days of code thing where I challenged myself to learn something completely new to me for a straight up 100 days.

  3. Another important thing - Have something to fall back on. I mean get involved in a community where the participants will help you stay accountable. Like the Twitter dev community which is by far one of the best communities I've been a part of.

  4. This brings me to the next,probably the most important thing of all. Do not get influenced by the response you get on Social media, twitter included. This was a major challenge I faced and keep facing. Seeing other's work receive a lot of recognition and my works getting lost in the dusty shelves of the internet was so heart breaking. But what helped me was clarifying the WHY. I started focusing on why I was on Twitter. It was not because I wanted followers or likes or comments or retweets. The main reason was to DOCUMENT MY 100 DAYS OF CODE JOURNEY.So why not focus on that?

  5. Next up - Document your journey. Even the bad days. Twitter, Trello board, GitHub repos, Sticky what you like.But do not forget to document your journey. It will surely serve as an inspiration for others and most importantly to you. I'm 100% sure you will be proud of your self when you look at your tweets or repos and will be surprised by how far you've come.

  6. Last but definitely not the least share your work with the world. Don't tuck your designs and ideas away and leave them to die in anonymity. Give them their much deserved space in this world. You will not regret it :)

So that was it! If you've come this far without getting lost in my sometimes incoherent story telling style, then give yourself a pat on the back. You very much deserve it! And thank you so much for keeping up with me till the end. I appreciate it.
That's all from me today. Looking forward to learn more and progress in this 100 days of code journey and even beyond that. Join me on Twitter at to accompany me on this path.


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edwin_gathua profile image
Edd with a double d 😁

I just completed my computer science degree but I never really liked programming throughout that entire period. When the lock down was announced in my country, I thought of trying out Web Development, and I can gladly say that this has not been a waste of time. I never knew what I was missing out on.

thisismanaswini profile image
Manaswini Author

Good to hear!!

exploreraadi profile image

This was such a beautiful journey and the perspective you presented for starting in tech is really incredible. After reading this, I am realizing that I am learning all these lessons unknowingly and maybe that's why I am loving web development.

thisismanaswini profile image
Manaswini Author

Glad it helped!! 😊

puruvj profile image

I love how it turned from an Origin story to tips. I like this format more, because when you're reading origin stories as outsider/newbie, the self-description by author sometimes makes you feel inadequate, and not worthy. So having those points at last was really good.

In fact, you might have given me an idea for my own origin story...

thisismanaswini profile image
Manaswini Author

Thanks Puru!! Appreciate the feedback 😊

miketalbot profile image
Mike Talbot

Well done on starting the journey! There's nothing quite like seeing your code run on the web - looks like you are doing well so far :)

thisismanaswini profile image
iwpgeek profile image
Mohammed Imtiyaz


Well, the biggest problem is procrastination. Really need very good self motivation to stick to #100DaysOfCode challenge.

BTW, Welcome to the @thepracticaldev community :)

thisismanaswini profile image
Manaswini Author

Thank you very much!!