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GitHub Slash Commands!

Wait, what? Slash commands are available on GitHub?

I recorded a two minutes video to showcase how it works:

Just open up a text editor, it can be a new issue, a new pull request or even a comment and type / to see all the available commands.

A list will appear, and you can start typing to filter them. The currently available commands are:

  • /code: Inserts a Markdown code block. You choose the language.
  • /details: Inserts a collapsible detail area. You choose the title and content.
  • /saved-replies: Inserts a saved reply. You choose from the saved replies for your user account. If you add %cursor% to your saved reply, the slash command will place the cursor in that location.
  • /table: Inserts a Markdown table. You choose the number of columns and rows.
  • /template: Shows all of the templates in the repository. You choose the template to insert. This slash command will work for issue templates and a pull request template.

There's also a /tasklist command which inserts a tasklist and only works in an issue description, however this one is not available for everyone yet.

Learn more on the official docs:

Thanks for reading this article, this was a short one but I hope you found it interesting!

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