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CI/CD pipelines with AWS Amplify

The company I work for is an AWS partner and it is natural that many of the applications we build are based on the services offered by Amazon.

We're migrating our CI/CD pipelines to AWS Amplify and I will show you how we can achieve great results with just a few clicks.

The example is based on a Next.js application hosted on GitHub.


To initialize the application we can use the command:
npx create-next-app@latest --typescript

Once the starter is created, we edit the file
replacing the boilerplate with this code:

pages index

An environment variable is used here. We have to configure it in the Next.js configuration file

const nextConfig = {
  env: { PROJECT_NAME: process.env.PROJECT_NAME, },
module.exports = nextConfig
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We can test the app locally by creating a .env.local file to set the environment variable


After we sync the project with remote GitHub, we're ready to move on to the deployment part.

AWS Amplify

Once logged into the AWS console, let's search for the Amplify service.



Click on Host web app


here we can connect our GitHub account and select the project we just created



Click on Next, here we can configure the build and we can set our environment variable



Build & Deploy

🚀 The build and the deployment will be performed automatically


Final result


This is the first article on AWS Amplify, if you find the topic interesting give ❤️ and I will write more about it. Bye 👋

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Andre Du Plessis

Thanks for giving us this insight and implementation example @gioboa. I find it quite interesting and helpful, so share away!